Photograph courtesy of Sue Salloway


Music was always being played in our house when I was growing up.  I have to blame and thank my mum for my eclectic taste.  Everything from Judge Dredd to the Sex Pistols (the latter being from my dad).
Wanting to be a muso I tried and failed miserably to learn to play a musical instrument, so dance was the next logical step. Flamenco; Tap; Salsa; Line Dancing; Ballroom even Morris Dancing over the years.  Then I discovered Middle Eastern Dance and was hooked.  I took twice weekly classes in cabaret style, adding to my development with additional workshops in Turkish, Folk and Egyptian dance.  I felt however there was more, then ATS ® found me and now I am home.   There would be no me in this form today without the cajoling, badgering and nurturing of my friend Donna Gardner with whom I formed the original Pedralta World Fusion, and of course the divine Ms Wendy Marlatt, who whisked away the safety blanket with a velvet assassin move- Dance or Die Bendy, Dance or Die. In 2005, I travelled to San Francisco for intensive training with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman founder/director of FatChance BellyDance. (R) Wanting to concentrate on ATS ® I took the General Skills and Teacher Training in 2014 and am now fully certificated as well as becoming a sister studio. At every opportunity I add to my training, latterly with Miss Dynamite herself, Kristine Adams (2015) THe ever fabulous Ms Phillipa Moirai, I look forward to passing on my knowledge to my lovely students, and developing my knowledge further.  Yes, there’s more…………..  ………I am a qualified YMCA level 2 Exercise to Music teacher.  A member of Equity, and have public liability insurance through Equity.  I also hold a public performance licence, to play recorded music.  In case that’s not enough to persuade you …………….I am also a double black belt martial artist, holding a 1st Dan in Kickboxing and 1st Dan in Wado ryu karate.     ……….And I love my sword  ;)      


OmKara Tribal Bellydance

A FatChance BellyDance (R) Sister Studio